We are a global team of scientists working together to understand how plant-herbivore interactions vary around the world. Below is a selection of photos of us and the plants and herbivores we study. You can find a list of all our collaborators and their institutions in our directory here. Our leadership team is here.

Shyam Phartyal and colleagues surveying Calotropis procera, Ruellia tuberosa, and Argemone maxicana in Bihar, India


Elizeth Cinto Mejia and Jose Cinto Perez surveying Thymus vulgaris and Viscum album in north central Spain


Hila Segre and Asaf Sadeh surveying Raphanus raphanistrum and other species in Israel


Ikponmwosa Egbon, Festus Omono, Cynthia Udeogwu, Eghosa Joseph Omoragbon, Afure Joan Ejomah, Charles Ogbebor, Osatae Egbon, Orhue Osasumwen Omoigui, Kelvin Ogbiede, and colleagues surveying Landolphia dulcis, gilletii Triclisia, and other species outside of Benin City, Nigeria


Judie Bronstein and Victoria Luizzi surveying Opuntia engelmanii in Arizona, USA


Anjel Helms, Micky Eubanks, and colleagues doing surveys in Texas, USA


Will Wetzel and Mariah Meek surveying Apocynum androsaemifolium in a scree field in Wyoming, USA


Frida Piper Busico and Caroline Dallstream surveying Gunnera tinctoria in Queulat National Park, Chile


Marco Ferrante, Nora Haack, and Lucas Lamelas-Lopez surveying multiple species in Azores


Carina Baskett and colleagues surveying in the Pyrenees in northeast Spain


Luis Abdala-Roberts and colleagues surveying in Yucatan, Mexico


Sarah Barret, Susie Cramp, and Darcy Martin surveying in Western Australia


Warwick Allen surveying Taraxacum officinale in Christchurch, New Zealand with a feline friend


Yuval Sapir, Bella Sapir, and Tamar Keasar surveying irises in Israel


Angela Moles and Suz Everingham surveying an Acacia in Sydney, Australia


Jessica Lorena Vaca-Uribe and Katja Poveda surveying in Bogota, Colombia


Haley Dole, Wissam Jawad, and Luke Zehr surveying Solidago canadensis in Michigan, USA


Carolina Quintero surveying in Northern Patagonia, Argentina


Chris Moore surveying Sanguinaria canadensis in Maine, USA


Rachit Singh surveying Geranium pratense in Jena, Germany


Mariana Chiuffo, Phil Hahn, and colleagues surveying in Montana, USA


Luke Zehr surveying Fagus grandifolia in Michigan, USA


Ben Gooden found herbivore damage on the fruits of Solanum cinereum in Australia