We are a collaborative and inclusive group of scientists and educators who are working together to advance our understanding of plant–herbivore interactions. Please contact us if you are interested in joining. You can email Will Wetzel () or any other member of the Planning Group.

Herbvar is open to professional biologists or educators who are collaborative, collegial, and willing to collect and contribute standardized data on the distribution of herbivory. We are especially interested in gaining data for new species and sites, as well as for focal plant families and species (see the HerbVar Species Selection Plan). Collaborators can participate by using our protocols to survey herbivory. Collaborators are also welcome to join leadership Subgroups if they are motivated and willing to invest significant time into the development of HerbVar.

Collaborators should

Collaborators will be included as co-authors on HerbVar manuscripts if they

For more information on participation and how our network runs, please see the HerbVar Document of Collaboration.

Participating as an educator

Some of our collaborators use HerbVar as an experiential learning tool. They take students into the field; teach them about ecology, plant–animal interactions, scientific study-design, and other topics; train them in the relevant sampling methods; collect real data with the students; and contribute the data to the network. If you are an educator and are intersted in using HerbVar in your teaching and/or becoming a collaborator, please email us.